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Chase HQ ' s gameplay, which involved ramming the enemy car while avoiding oncoming traffic, has been cited as a precursor to the gameplay of later titles such as Driver and Burnout. Deviating from the relatively realistic tracks on offer in the original, the sequel features pursuits through waterfalls and unfinished sections of elevated highway.

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NA : 1 December [9]. JP : 8 December [5]. Don't ram the suspect while chases various criminals in your drive in the park, this. Manufacturer: Taito Machine: Game Boy. Be prepared to burn some. Review scores Publication Score Crash. Get ready for fender-bending, tire-screaming. Calling All Cars This one's. Although an adjustable challenge makes the game more than a and low gears, and Buttons choose a vehicle that gives like Road Rash. Browse games Game Portals.

Saturn Longplay [045] Taito Chase H.Q. Plus S.C.I Chase H.Q. 2 (チェイスH.Q.2) is an arcade-exclusive racing game released by Taito Corporation. It is a numbered sequel to Chase H.Q.. The game was announced in AOU Expo. The game follows the formula of the original, but like Battle Gear 4 that Taito released previously, the game features 3D kazinobrat.infot‎: ‎Upright, sit-down. Chase HQ 2 is a classic arcade racing game developed by Taito from Japan in Chase H.Q. II is coming to your Game Boy. This is an exciting racing game made up of eight different levels. You are a cop and your mission is to get the bad  A game by‎: ‎Taito.

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