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I do not much care about voice acting but I wish i could at least work on their appearance to at least simulate some personality.

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Supporting Companies. I very nearly quit. Genesys Games. The Genesys Project started years ago, as a concept with no gaming medium. Sign in Sign in to add your own tags to this product.


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Genesys Core Rulebook Review Platform(s), Windows PC / Mac. Release, Genre(s) · Education, Adventure. Genesys is an educational video game, released in for Windows-based PCs and Apple. Educational historical FMV puzzle game. Follow the evolution of human civilization and technology from prehistory to modern times and solve puzzles tied. Genesys. Review by Enigma January What is the greatest possible adventure? As an "edutainment" game it heavily emphases the "edu" rather than the stone tools, or connecting a town to electricity, or assembling a computer.

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