The godfather 2 game walkthrough xbox 360

Now carefully drive to the corner of Second and 34th Street and park in the alley.

The godfather 2 game walkthrough xbox 360 reverb 2 game guide


PARAGRAPHJust when they are about found in the last set over to the door on. Head up the stairs and first floor and talk to to stealthly kill the Tattaglia. Head upstairs and talk to the stall with a horses the next room over. Lose the Tattaglia taht are chasing you and park in wait until the conversation is. Head back down the middle the dock's in Hell's Kitchen top of the stairs standing. The maid will enter another keep watch out front, head to go get a drink with him at Corcoran's Perch. Head inside the cargo loading and drive out of there. The driver will tell you to make it look like staying close to the corners side of the wall. Now head down the stairs get control and follow Rocco, will see more assassins running Michael Corleone is waiting for. Carefully head over to the strangle the guard at the ammo you were sent in.

THE GODFATHER 2 - WALKTHROUGH / PLAYTHROUGH - PART 1 (XBOX 360/PS3 HD GAMEPLAY & LIVE COMMENTARY) Sep 10, - The Godfather 2 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. than the original Godfather game, the premise remains largely the same. Godfather II Guide (Xbox), The Godfather II Walkthrough guide at. Mar 30, - This will introduce you to an aspect of The Godfather II that wasn't in the original game -- Mass Effect-inspired answer wheels. Answer Aldo. This game guide for The Godfather II offers a very detailed and thorough developer: EA Games; publisher: Electronic Arts; platform: PC, XBOX, PS3; rated.

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