Monkey island 2 drinking game

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Monkey island 2 drinking game farm craft 2 free online games


I'm not sure I remember brick to hit or something that time Stupid window. Don't knock me this way gambling password in Monkey Island. Is there a simple formula game, you're trying to guess Maybe this horrible horrible thing. Hey wait a minute, I So close Okay I take. I think I need an. Gotta get me one of. How do you get the. The correct answer is always to determine what numbers the various hand gestures correspond to. Hmm, maybe one of these saw this in that movie. Gee, I still can't make.

Monkey Island 2 : Lechucks Revenge Babbleplay part 12 - Drinking Games Jul 7, - Enter the cottage and talk to Rum Rogers. Talk to him about the map and he will challenge you to a drinking contest. He will leave and come back with a mug o' grog for you. As soon as he leave to get himself a drink, quickly throw the Grog on the Tree and fill it withe the Near-Grog which you took from Kate's envelope. Part The Drinking Contest (Part 1). Hey check it out, someone left a giant piece of paper floating out there. But no time for that, we have an island to find a. Part The Drinking Contest (Part 2). Let's get this over with. Come on in. And now that you know what you're up against. It is time. Time to face up to the.

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